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Hafa adai and thanks for visiting. Fina'denne' is a mission-driven social enterprise formed to create products and services that benefit Indigenous communities. We're currently in the process of becoming a Nonprofit organization in California. 

And like the popular CHamoru table sauce named fina'denne', when you add our mix of simple ingredients to your magic, we'll empower the community and celebrate our vibrant cultures and traditions.


To create resources with the community and fund work for the community.



Red Rice & Fina'denne'

A podcast hosted by Jaybyrd Castro 

Listen to a podcast where stories from people of the Pacific Ocean come to land, and talk by talk, weave a collective story of how we survived to live fully.

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Check out our shop, where every product is designed and produced by Indigenous peoples and ships from San Leandro, California.

100% of all $$ goes into more projects, upcoming scholarships, and other investments into Indigenous communities.

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Manaotao Sanlagu

Documenting stories of Stateside CHamorus with Manny Crisostomo

It’s a simple premise: To photograph and share the stories of CHamorus from the Marianas living away from the home islands in a visual documentary, “Manaotao Sanlagu: CHamorus from the Marianas” translated as “our people, the CHamorus, overseas.”

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About us

Fina'denne' started from a shared passion for the culture and its people, language, and history. We focus on partnerships and projects that promote equity and boost social cohesion.

And like many of you, we've been doing this work for a while now. It's in our blood. It's how our Manåmko' (elders) raised us, and it's how we raise our children.

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CHamoru-Owned Directory

We love to support other Indigenous business owners, organizations, online communities, artists, entrepreneurs, and much more. Use this tool to find and support the entrepreneurs in the your area.

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I Sakman I Fino'-ta

Let's get more CHamoru content online. Anggen ti hita, pues håyi? If we don't do it, who will?



Guampedia is a community-based nonprofit that documents online and highlights the unique CHamoru heritage and history of the Mariana Islands.

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