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03. The Hafa Adai Golf Classic

This red rice story is about how Indigenous legacies and traditions—even those that are modern—can't pass with our elders. This episode is dedicated to the Hafa Adai Golf Classic. To the people who started it, the people who play it, and the future of what it can become.

Join Jaybyrd, a 1st generation Stateside CHamoru, as he meets the CHamoru golfers who participated in the 39th annual Hafa Adai Golf Classic in Washington State. The Hafa Adai Golf Classic is an annual golf tournament for people with ties to the Mariana Islands.

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0:01 Introduction
03:22 Community Chenchule Break: Brand Marinade
5:00 Tun Diego Hammett
8:25 History of the Hafa Adai Golf Classic.
12:46 Meeting family for the first time
17:36 Role Models
19:57 Joe Kamudu
23:27 Inetnon Man Gachong
25:30 Future of the Hafa Adai Golf Classic
28:04 Modern day sea voyaging
30:07 Credits


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